We know that the backbone of our restaurant is our team. We wouldn't be 

open without them. We offer competitive pay and benefits for everyone on our team. We don't believe in wages supported by tips so we pay everyone a living wage. Want to find out more? 


Big Mood is a place you can grow and build a career not just a job. 

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After our two week training period, our team makes between 14 & 16 an hour, depending on experience. 

Each employee also gets sick time and paid vacation time (paid vacation after 6 months)


We team up with local businesses to give our team 

little bonuses throughout the year. Sometimes its a gift card to a local shop or a houseplant to add to your collection. 



We offer an in house health plan for our employees to take advantage of after 6 months of employment.



Looking to start saving for retirement? We offer a 401k 

package you can take part in after 6 months.